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Shamanic Womb Healing is focused on healing all aspects of our womanhood, including our physical wombs.


Our experiences of womanhood give rise to all sorts of negative emotions (known as Womb Resentment), and in our culture, we are not taught how to process and release these emotions properly.


In ancient times, we would have been taught Menstrual Rites and rituals when we reached puberty, which would allow us to release this build-up of Womb Resentment on a monthly basis when we bled.  We would also have been taught how to use our ovulation as a way of harnessing our vast creative female power to create and manifest our dreams.


We are not taught this fundamental information about our own female gifts any more.

(You can learn more about these Menstrual Rites HERE)


And so, this Womb Resentment ends up getting stored in our Spirit Womb, which is essentially the female aspect of our energetic self.


The consequences of Womb Resentment building up through our lifetime can result in all sorts of problems and issues that affect our health and well-being, such as; any chronic or acute physical ailments, problems with our sexual/reproductive organs, infertility, anxiety and depression, panic attacks, emotional and/or mental instability, chronic fatigue or low energy, low self-worth issues, eating disorders, relationship problems, extreme sexual inhibitions/promiscuity, lack of creativity, lust for life, meaning or purpose, inexplicable feelings of isolation, alienation, fear, anger, hatred, or sadness.


In Shamanic Womb Healing we can use a variety of Shamanic Extraction techniques to remove this Womb Resentment.  


Once we have cleared the Womb Resentment around a particular issue or experience, we then look to see if there is any soul loss around this situation, and if so, work to restore any lost soul energy, through the process of Soul Retrieval.


And once the Soul energy is restored, we do a Power Retrieval, to restore the power that we have lost, or that has been taken from us.


During a Shamanic Womb Healing, a woman will always experience a combination of Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, and sometimes other techniques, depending on what comes up personally for her during the session.



So where does all this Womb Resentment come from ???


Womb Resentment can result from any kind of negative experience, but it is often the result of being dis-honoured or dis-respected as women or girls.  This can be from partners in the present or in the past, from family members, from working environments that do not value womens roles, skills or strengths, to social, political or religious attitudes, structures and systems that disempower or devalue women in any way.

The historical shaming of women and women’s bodies creates a lot of Womb Resentment.


Womb Resentment can be passed onto us from our ancestors…


Womb Resentment can be passed onto us through our matriarchal ancestral lineage.  It is very common for us to subconsciously take on board negative ideas about womanhood from our mothers and grandmothers.  Detrimental concepts around our monthly bloods are a perfect example of this, as previous generations held the idea that this was 'a curse', something that was dirty, to be kept a secret, or to be ashamed of.  This in turn was due to ideas perpetrated by men in order to dis-empower women.  

Womb resentment can be passed onto us through our patriarchal ancestral lineage, if this line was disrespectful or dishonouring of females.


Womb Resentment is an inevitable consequence of experiencing any kind of domestic or sexual abuse, incest, rape or violence of any kind.  Any acts towards us of an abusive and/or sexually violent nature are a direct attack on and theft of our personal power, often leaving feelings of violation, dis-empowerment, emptiness, rage, fear and so on.


Womb Resentment can be experienced by women who have had negative experiences of medical intervention, advice, decisions and/or actions taken by medical authority figures over their feminine health and well-being, relating to issues such as contraception, pregnancy, birthing, abortion and gynaecology in general, as well as female mental and emotional health.


It is a common experience for women to feel violated, dis-empowered and dis-respected by the medical establishment in regards to their needs and wishes around their feminine health and well-being.  It is also common for women to bury such feelings due to the overwhelming 'rationale' of science and doctors that tell us that this type of attitude and treatment is 'normal' and that we have no choice but to accept it.


We can also hold Womb Resentment towards ourselves for times when we have dis-honoured or dis-respected our own femininity, sexuality or power, or for allowing others to act in this way towards us.  We can hold Womb Resentment towards ourselves about infertility, miscarriages, abortions or lost children.


Particularly when a woman reaches menopause, the build up of Womb Resentment that she has experienced and stored throughout her life often surfaces, giving rise to a whole range of undesirable physical, emotional and mental symptoms.  This is her inner self seeking to clear out all of this unhelpful baggage and re-claim her feminine power as she moves into the stage of her life where in traditional tribal cultures, she is especially honoured and revered for her wisdom, experience, strength and power.  


Womb Healing gives you the opportunity to release the Womb Resentment within your Spirit Womb.  This in turn gives you the opportunity to use your Womb Space in its creative capacity, which is to dream in, create, gestate, birth and nourish your goals and ambitions, to manifest the dreams that will assist you to fulfill your greatest potential.


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There are several Womb Healing options that you can choose from, depending on your location and preference ...


Initial Consultation - 1 hour

This is an hour long consultation required for all new clients, to assess your situation, your needs and requirements.

This can be done face-to-face, or online, using Facebook Video messenger, WhatsApp or Skype.


Face-to-Face Healing - 1, 2 or 3 hours

My healing practise is in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.


Distance Healing - 1 hour

I can do Distance Healing work in two ways; Client led or Spirit led.


With Client led Distance Healing, we would connect online, and I would guide you to do your own Womb Healing journey, focusing on whatever issue you want to work on. This is very good for addressing issues that you have direct knowledge and experience of.


With Spirit led Distance Healing, I do the Womb Healing journey work  for you. This is very good for addressing issues or symptoms for which the cause is unknown.


Womb Clearing Ceremony - 3 hours

This is a 3 hour Healing ceremony, which is a deeply immersive and powerfully transformative experience.

It provides a very through clear-out of Womb Resentment.

The client needs to be present in a face-to-face capacity.

(Consultation included)



Discounted Block bookings are also available.  Please enquire for details.

Shamanic Womb Healing


Sessions can be booked for ...


1 hour   - £60

2 hours - £110

3 hours - £150


An initial 1-hour consultation is required for all new clients.


A healing session will always include; Extraction, Soul Retrieval and Power Retrieval.