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For as long as people have walked this earth, they have been trying to understand The Universe they live in and their purpose within it.


Divination is the ancient art of asking The Universe for knowledge, understanding and wisdom.


The reading of Tarot cards is one of these many forms of divination, and it uses imagery and symbolism to interpret the Universal answers to our mortal questions.


The origin of Tarot is uncertain. Many have traced the cards back to medieval Europe, particularly France and Italy. However, there are claims that the images found in Tarot may have originated in the Biblical times of the Middle East, Ancient Egypt or possibly India, brought by the original Romany gypsies.


While many believe the purpose of divination is to tell fortunes or read The Future, this is wishful thinking for the most part, as many of us desire certainty in an uncertain world.


The true value of the reading of Tarot is its ability to give us insights, understanding and wisdom regarding events and situations in The Present and The Past. It shows us key characters within our lives as well as the various influences that play a part in shaping our existence. It brings to our attention the options we have available and the paths we can choose to tread in the creation of our own future, for we are the masters of our own destiny.



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