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Homes, workplaces and other spaces that we use, inhabit or move through can become clogged up with negative energy, spirits of the deceased or other types of unhelpful entities.


These spaces can feel cold, unwelcoming or uncomfortable.  Or strange things may happen such as items moving, lights turning on and off on their own, or regular glitches in electrical items.


For others, these unhelpful energies may make themselves known through nightmares, voices or sounds that others cannot hear.


Space Clearing is done distantly to clear out these unwanted energies, and make your space a welcoming and comfortable place to be.


Because this work is done distantly, I doesn't matter where in the world you are, and I welcome international enquiries.


I would also recommend you smudge your whole space thoroughly in conjunction with any Space Clearing work that I do from afar.


I sell Smudging Kits for £10 (plus £3 P&P).

(Smudging Kits include an abalone shell and a bag of loose dried sage - I only post out to addresses in the UK.  International clients should be able to find a retailer in their regional area.)



Please contact me if you would like me to clear your space or if you would like to order a Smudging Kit.



For more information on smudging follow this Link 


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