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Partial soul loss can occur at any age, in times of great stress or trauma.  


Examples of events that can cause soul loss are situations of great personal danger, violence or abuse, accidents or injuries, grief and berevement, or periods of intense stress.

Pieces of our own personal energetic essence, or soul, can break away in an attempt to escape the pain.   Pieces of our soul can also be taken by other people or groups of people, either consciously or unconsiously, in their attempts to control or dominate us.  


Soul loss creates holes in our being and in our energy body, leaving us with feelings of hollow incompleteness, or that some aspect of ourselves is missing, which indeed it is.

In these situations, we are more vulnerable, as we have chinks in our armour, and this can result in power loss or spiritual intrusions.


The shamanic practitioner can track the lost soul parts and bring them back, or guide the client on their own journey to find lost soul pieces.  This is known as Soul Retrieval.

Soul Retrieval

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Shamanic Healing sessions can be booked for ...


1 hour   - £60

2 hours - £110

3 hours - £150


An initial 1-hour consultation is required for all new clients.


Distance Shamanic Healing sessions are £60 for adults or £40 for children.


Discounted Block bookings are also available.  Please enquire for details.


Every session will always include; Extraction, Soul Retrieval and Power Retrieval.