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I invite you to take a journey with me, if the time is right and the prevailing winds are favourable; a soul journey to wholeness, to health and to happiness ...


Are you plagued by chronic or acute health issues ?


Are you weighed down with emotional or mental baggage that you no longer wish to carry ?


Are you looking to restore your va-va-voom, your vitality and sparkle ?


Are you seeking the missing pieces of the puzzle of your life ?


Are you yearning to remember the things that make your soul sing and your heart dance with joy ?


Are you willing to dream a big dream and make that dream a reality ?


Then it may be that this Soul Journey is for you.


I offer a 3 month, 7 month or 1 year pathway.


Together, we will trek through the shadowlands of your past, releasing the ghosts that haunt these valleys. We will dive into the lagoons of your heart and wash away the pain under thundering waterfalls. We will hunt for the missing shining pieces of your treasure that you have lost along your way. We will climb the mountains of your soul landscape to see clearly the path of your future dreams, and we will plant the seeds of your soul garden, so that you can blossom , fruit and flourish.


This is a shamanic journey to wholeness, and I welcome any questions or queries that you may have about it.


Each pathway includes both one-to one healing sessions as well as distance healing sessions.


These will alternate on a 3 weekly basis, allowing enough time for energetic integration between each session.  


All Pathways include full support between sessions, books and resources for optional extra learning and assignments, and a healing goody bag to assist you on your journey that will get topped up along the way.



Financial Investment


This investment in your own well-being can be paid in full at the beginning of the journey,


Or an initial deposit payment can be made, and then a monthly direct debit payment can be set up to pay by monthly instalment.


3 Month Pathway - £700

5 Shamanic Healing sessions -

3 x 3-hour one-to-one sessions and 2 x 1 hour distance healing sessions.


£300 deposit, then 2 monthly payments of £200, or

£500 deposit, then 2 monthly payments of £100


7 Month Pathway - £1100

11 Shamanic Healing sessions -

6 x 3-hour one-to-one sessions and 4 x 1-hour distance healing sessions.


£500 deposit, then 6 monthly payments of £100


1 Year Pathway - £1800

19 Shamanic Healing sessions -

10 x 3-hour one-to-one sessions and 9 x 1-hour distance healing sessions.


£300 deposit, then 11 monthly payments of £150 or

£700 deposit, then 11 monthly payments of £100

Soul Journey to Wholeness

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