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Intrusions are invisible energetic pathogens that can enter our energy bodies if we are weak or vulnerable at any time.  Situations of Power Loss and Soul Loss are perfect opportunities for Intrusions to enter or become manifest.


Spiritual Intrusions are basically negative thought forms, and there are three ways for us to be affected by them;


•Self Created - when we don't let our emotions flow freely to be released, when we repress or block them, they build up inside us into a mass of negative energy.  Or when we repetitively run negative thoughts through our minds about ourselves, they again build up to form masses of negative energy.  


•Intentionally sent by others - when we think negative thoughts about other people, we are consiously or unconsiously sending negative thought forms their way.  If they are in their full power, these should not affect them.  However, most people at any time are suffering from soul and power loss of some kind.  In this siuation, negative thoughts sent by others will have an easy entry point into the intended target's energy system.  If negative intent is sent consistently over a period of time, this can build up into a large mass of negative energy.


•Accidentally picked up - If we are not fully in our power, we can randomly pick up intrusions, which can simply be negative emotional shrapnel flying around in our immediate environments.  Areas where this is particularly prevalent are in high density population areas such as cities, environments where there are high levels of stress, trauma, upset or abuse.  These could be work environments, hospitals, prisons, mental institutions, care homes etc.  


Situations like road rage are perfect examples of where we can be vulnerable to other people's randomly directed negative emotional energy.


Energetic intrusions can, if left unchecked, result in problems in our mental, emotional and/or physical well-being.


The shamanic practitioner can do an extraction of negative energy from a client, or can guide the client on a journey to remove these intrusions.  This is known as Shamanic Extraction.

Extraction would be immediately followed by a Power Animal Retrieval and possibly Soul Retrieval to fill up any holes in the client's energy field so that more intrusions do not immediately enter.

Shamanic Extraction

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Shamanic Healing sessions can be booked for ...


1 hour   - £60

2 hours - £110

3 hours - £150


An initial 1-hour consultation is required for all new clients.


Distance Shamanic Healing sessions are £60 for adults or £40 for children.


Discounted Block bookings are also available.  Please enquire for details.


Every session will always include; Extraction, Soul Retrieval and Power Retrieval.