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"Jo taught me reiki 1 and reiki 2 in 2007. Her teaching was clear and powerful, and set me out on my journey of healing myself and others. I will be forever grateful."


Ruth, Leeds

"Jo was my reiki master for Reiki 1 and 2.


I have found Reiki to be a powerful, grounding and intuitive tool both for myself and others. It is practical and profoundly spiritual all at the same time. It has stayed with me in every day life, building my energy awareness from feeling the energy in a cup of tea to a tree. I was looking for someone I trusted to guide me through these intense, wonderful experiences - I found that in Jo.  She is welcoming and supportive and has a strength of spirit that is inspiring to be around. I would recommend working with Jo to anyone who feels that they want to take the next step into energy work and healing."


Carla, Leeds

"It is with the greatest pride and pleasure that I write these words.


Because it's about someone that words only begin to do justice to.


The real joy is the reality, the actuality, of knowing that such a vibrant, wonderful, illuminating and inspirational Spirit is really one of my dearest and most precious of friends, in this and many other lifetimes.


Having known Joanna for nearly twenty years in this particular lifetime and being a few years her senior I have watched over an amazing transformation. From novice to facilitator to Master.


Joanna has understood not only the practices of Healing but also the depths, the resonances and most of all the Art of healing.


Around the turn of the century, Joanna inducted me into Reiki and as a consequence changed my very existence. She later took me through Reiki 2 and as a further consequence I have, in a far lesser manner, touched the lives of others.


I'm nearly 60 and I lead the dance at big all night (and often day) dance events. Youngsters stand around filming me or dance with me, though rarely can they keep up!  I say this not out of pride but because I know I'd be long retired without much of what has been imbued to me by my beautiful friend!  And the great irony is that I used to impart my wisdom, such as it may be, upon her.  Now she teaches me and I can truthfully say that of only a handful of people I've ever met, amongst thousands of friends I've been gifted across the globe.


Joanna IS Spirit - she lives and breathes it and imparts it upon those around her as an expression of the Goddess. Her powers of healing are mighty, because she understands the source and the vibrations that feed and nourish her with such.


As you may appreciate, I cannot offer enough praise and outpouring of respect for Joanna, as a friend, as a healer, as a mother and as a human being.


If you are contemplating allowing her to work with you in any Spiritual aspects whatsoever, or matters of healing, or in herbal practices, then please do not hesitate.

You may have to search beyond this lifetime to find another with not just the knowledge and the experience, but the heart and love that truly fuels such empowerment.


May she bless you as she has blessed me!


Finally, in case anyone may think this is just a made up reference or similar, I have given Joanna my permission to pass on my mobile number to anyone who may wish to have the above clarified by me in person - and I am happy to do that, without reservation.


Thank you for your kind consideration of these words.


Always with love"


Andre Power, Manchester

"Jo has been my Reiki master for 12 years and has always provided advice to me in my journey with energy and healing.


When I received my First Degree attunement from Jo, I was moved by her attention to detail, which is obviously born not only from her passion for the subject, but I felt also because she is doing the work she is meant for. I felt completely comfortable in my understanding of the history and tradition supporting Reiki healing and teaching and I was excited to begin my journey.


After my attunement I knew I found a new way forward and that my life was forever changed for the better.


Jo continues to inspire and motivate me to be the best Reiki healer possible. Her support is unbounded and her knowledge extensive and sound.


I am very excited to begin my Second Degree sometime next Spring. I can highly recommend Joanne as a Reiki Master, and to demonstrate this fact I am travelling from Essex to Leeds to receive my Second Degree from her!"


Bethany, Essex

"Jo is a genuine modern day shaman and an amazing Energy worker and Reiki Master.


She provides a safe, non-judgemental healing space for her deeply powerful transformational treatments which have helped me to release my own fears and self-imposed limitations and realise my true self and potential. Deep Healing indeed!


She is also an inspirational teacher; I owe my love of tarot reading to her expert tuition and the energetic training I've received on her Reiki courses has enriched my personal and professional life beyond measure."


Bel Charlesworth, Yorkshire Herbalist

"I have done Reiki One and Two with Jo and received distance healing too.  


Jo works with absolute intergrity and the depth of the healing she offers is also matched by her eloquence and ability to talk about what she is doing and why.


I felt very empowered not only from learning Reiki but by Jo's support and presence too.


I would recommend Jo completely."


Cath, Leeds

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