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First Degree – Hands-on Healing


Within Western Reiki, there are three levels of training.  As you move up the levels, new ways of healing as well as new ways of thinking are opened up to the Reiki practitioner.  There is also an increase in the amount of Reiki that you can channel at any given time.  


First Degree is primarily concerned with the practice of hands-on healing.  For the ambitious Reiki practitioner who wishes to learn more and possibly move on to Second Degree, this is a time to practice and acquaint yourself with the different feelings and sensations you will feel in your hands, the intuitions and instincts you will learn to follow, as well as the incredibly diverse effects that Reiki will have upon you and those whom you practice upon.  


Although some Reiki Masters teach both First and Second Degrees together, most teachers agree that a gap of approximately three months should be left before moving on to the Second level.  This is due to the fact that it takes roughly this length of time for the First Degree initiate’s energies to settle.  Many people also experience subtle but powerful shifts occurring within themselves and their lives within these first three months of connecting with the Reiki energy.  So the three month gap is a sort of energetic buffer zone, allowing the first stages of energy to take their effects and for the dust from these effects to settle.  


This is also a period for the First Degree practitioner to practice her newly acquired art.  The more you practice Reiki on yourself within this period, the more significant and powerful the shifts will be in your body, heart, mind and spirit, as well as increasing your understanding of how Reiki works and affects people.  The more you practice on other people, and the wider the range of problems, conditions, injuries etc that you treat, the more experience you will acquire of the differing sensations and intuitions that you will pick up on when treating others.  Experience is the best teacher, and the more you use Reiki, the more you will learn, and the more you will benefit from it.  Just like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes, and the more experienced you will become in understanding and using this amazing energy.


First Degree opens up your physical body, to channel healing energy through your hands for the first stage of your personal healing journey with Reiki.

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First Degree - £150