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‘Rei-Ki’ literally translated means “Universal Life Energy” in Japanese. It is an Eastern system of natural healing where the laying-on of hands is used to channel energy for the purposes of deep relaxation, as well as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.


The basis of Reiki is similar to many other Eastern medical and health practices such as accupuncture, reflexology, Tai Chi or yoga in that it recognises and is primarily focused around the energy system of the body.


It is a holistic therapy and as such also recognises that healing takes place on more than merely the physical level, and it is often deep rooted emotional, mental or spiritual causes that give rise to physical symptoms or dis-eases. Blockages and imbalances within a person’s energy circuit can have negative effects on their physical, emotional, and mental health, and Reiki works on all these levels to remove blocks and re-charge the system with Universal Life Force. In this way, Reiki is excellent at preventing potential dis-eases. It is also very effective, however, in the treatment of current and chronic problems.


During a full-body Reiki treatment the practitioner places her hands on or just above the receiver’s fully-clothed body in a series of hand positions, from the head down to the feet and hands, covering all the major organs and chakras (energy centres) on the front and back of the body.


Receiving Reiki is like being plugged into the cosmic energy grid!


Some of the practical benefits of Reiki are;


Deep Relaxation

Physical De-Toxing

Calming and Soothing

Better Sleeping Patterns

Pain Relief (eg. Back Pain)

Quicker Healing after Injuries or Surgery

Promotion of Healthier Lifestyle Choices

Relief from Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Letting Go of Heartaches and Heartbreaks

Energising for Exhaustion or Chronic Fatigue

Support during  Illness and Medical Treatment

Effective Treatment for Trauma and Shock (PTSD)

Strengthening on All Levels

Deep Healing for Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit


Reiki is a safe and effective form of natural hands-on healing that brings harmony and balance to the body, heart, mind and spirit.


It can be used to treat babies and children, pregnant mothers-to-be, the elderly, as well as animals, and it is quick, simple and fun to learn yourself.


I frequently work with people over a number of sessions, to address long-standing, acute or chronic issues, and so I include a full consultation as part of the healing session, as well as feedback at the end.  This is why the sessions are a full 2 hours.


For more information about learning how to practise Reiki, follow these links -


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Third Degree - Reiki Master Training

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£80 for 2 hours