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In order to be fully functioning, healthy and vital, we need to be full of vital power, full of life force.  There can be many causes for us to lose this vital power, and certain ailments can be symptomatic of power loss.  Any problems that are chronic are indicative of power loss, such as chronic misfortune, chronic fatigue, chronic illness, chronic depression, suicidal tendencies.


Shamanic practitioners can do a power retrieval for their client, or guide their client on their own journey to retrieve lost power, for any situation where power loss is suspected.

This retrieved power normally shows itself in the form of an animal, to allow us to understand better what kind of power has been brought back, and what its gift is.  


This is known as a Power Animal Retrieval.  


Occasionally, the power shows itself in a different guise from some other source of natural power, such as a plant or tree, a rock or specific crystal, an elemental energy such as fire, water, earth or air, or even as a natural environmental energy such as a volcano, the sea or a meadow.

Power Retrieval

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Shamanic Healing sessions can be booked for ...


1 hour   - £60

2 hours - £110

3 hours - £150


An initial 1-hour consultation is required for all new clients.


Distance Shamanic Healing sessions are £60 for adults or £40 for children.


Discounted Block bookings are also available.  Please enquire for details.


Every session will always include; Extraction, Soul Retrieval and Power Retrieval.