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This is a two-day workshop in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

It will run on the 16th and 17th September from 10am to 6pm on both days.


This personal and professional energetic protection workshop is designed for anyone wanting to learn ways of energetically protecting themselves personally, professionally, and in home, work or social environments.  


This course is particularly suited to individuals with difficult and challenging interpersonal family or social relationships, health and well-being practitioners who often unintentionally give their own personal energy to their clients, or those working with energetically demanding individuals or groups of people.


If you find yourself feeling exhausted or unwell after being around certain people or environments, then this course is for you !


This two day workshop will equip you with a multitude of tools and skills to energetically protect yourself, your home or work space, and your family and/or clients.


We will explore the protective qualities of different crystals and plants, and we will take shamanic journeys to call upon the protection of our allies in the realms of Spirit.


Aspects of protection that you will learn about are the various types of unhelpful energies that we are protecting against, as well as energetic cleansing, extraction, shielding and energising.

We will also be looking at long-term self-care awareness, with the overall aim of preventative protection.


To book your place on this two day workshop, please email me at or text me on 07578 208566 for booking instructions.


I look forward to seeing you there if the time is right and the prevailing winds are favourable,




JO :-)


Energy Protection

Energy Protection - Personal & Professional


16-17 September 2017 - £120