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Distance Healing


Adults        £60  (or 5 sessions for £250)

Children    £40  (or 5 sessions for £150)


Small Group/Immediate Family      £110

Large Group/Extended Family         £150

Reiki and Shamanic Healing can be done distantly (also known as absently).


This means that the client and practitioner do not need to be present with one another.


This can be very useful if you do not live close enough to come for a one-to-one healing session.


A Distance Reiki healing will give a general energising and detoxifying treatment, that is based on what the receiver's needs are at the time.


A Distance Shamanic Healing journey can be done for a specific issue, or can be guided by Spirit for the greatest good of the client(s).


A Distance Shamanic Healing session would always include Shamanic Extraction, Soul Retrieval and Power Retrieval, but may also include any of the other Shamanic Healing techniques, depending on what is needed by the client(s).


Distance Healing techniques can also be used for whole families or groups.  This can help when there are conflicting dynamics or unhelpful behaviour patterns between family/group members, or recurrent patterns that exhibit themselves in many members of the family/group.


If you would like a Distance Healing session, please email me details of the issue that you would like to address, and whether you are wanting Reiki or Shamanic Healing.


I then do the healing work at a specified time, and will then email you a full response of what occurred.


I welcome international enquiries.


This work is very suitable for those who live in other countries.


I frequently work with people over a number of sessions, to address long-standing, acute or chronic issues. For this reason, I offer a multiple session discounted offer.  Because in my experience, complex chronic or acute issues are never resolved through one-off sessions, I always offer discounts for multiple session bookings, in order to provide a better value service for those wishing to pursue a more committed healing journey.


I can offer you a package deal of 5 sessions for £250

(£50 a session instead of £60)


Please contact me if you would like further details of this offer.

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