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This is a process to cut the negative energetic cords that bind us in detrimental emotional and behavioural relationship patterns with other people, institutions or situations in our lives.  These negative cords are often a major cause of power loss (see Power Retrieval)


Often our relationships are made up of a mixture of positive energetic connections (these are based upon love, trust, honour, respect, and the voluntary giving of our energy) and negative energetic connections (which are based upon co-dependency patterns of fear, need, manipulation, control or domination, and the stealing of another's energy).


Current or past relationships that have dis-empowered us in any way and at any time, are good contenders for cord cuttings.  These kinds of connections continue to drain our energy and they set up unhelpful patterns that we often continue to play out in other relationships in our lives.  Equally, we may be the one dis-empowering someone else, and the process of severing these unhelpful connections is liberating for both parties.


It is often very helpful to do Cord Cuttings from our parents, partners, old lovers, children who are over the age of puberty, as well as close yet challenging friendships.  You can also do Fibre Cuttings from places, situations (like a job you want to leave), locations, or burdensome responsibilities that should not really be resting upon your shoulders.  

Cord Cutting

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Shamanic Healing sessions can be booked for ...


1 hour   - £60

2 hours - £110

3 hours - £150


An initial 1-hour consultation is required for all new clients.


Every session will always include; Extraction, Soul Retrieval and Power Retrieval.