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Joanne Purdie (AKA Joanna Joy for those who know her under from her social network persona !!), has spent her life passionately exploring the mysterious realms of Spirit, seeking to know the True Nature of Reality.


From being a small child, her love of animals and being out in the woods, has shaped the journey she has taken and the person she has become.  After a difficult childhood and a traumatic end to her teenage years, this strong connection to Nature and Spirit led her on an on-going adventure into the realms of natural, spiritual, energetic and vibrational healing.  


The arts that she spends her time mastering – Tarot, Reiki, Crystal, Plant and Shamanic Healing – have become much more than just hobbies or pastimes.  They are her very life.  Her passion, her purpose and her path.  While her interest and connection to Nature and Spirit have been life-long, serious study began 20 years ago, and the journey continues still....

“I started on my healing journey, at the tender age of 20, when I bought a pack of Tarot cards.  Little did I know how much they would teach me about the nature of life, the characters within it, and the twists and turns of our Earth Dance and Spiritual Connection.


A traumatic end to my teenage years guided me to the healing practise of Reiki when I was 23.  For the next few years, I worked on myself on a daily basis, moving through from First, to Second and then Third Degree pretty swiftly.  During this time, I also practised extensively on family and friends, honing my skill and sensitivity as an energy worker.


Reiki helped me greatly to relieve and release the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that I had been experiencing on a daily basis.  The great leaps in my own personal healing journey, as well as those that I witnessed when I gave treatments to others, showed me just how powerful and individualised Reiki was for dealing with all sorts of issues, from physical problems, emotional and mental imbalances, to spiritual opening and evolution of consciousness.


As I started teaching Reiki to others, I was honoured to witness the powerful and transformative journeys taken by my students, in their own paths of self-realization.


Reiki then lead me to start working with crystals.  I had always loved the sparkley and colourful Stone People, but hadn’t really understood what they did or how they worked.  Reiki started to guide me to use stones during my Reiki Treatments, and I noticed how much they amplified the energy that I felt between my hands and the energy fields of my clients.  I knew I needed to explore this more deeply, and understand exactly how they worked.


And so I embarked upon a two year Crystal Healing Practitioner Diploma with Hazel Raven at her College of Bio-Dynamics.  Both the theoretical information and the experiential practise gained on the course blew me away, and gave me another piece of the puzzle, in understanding the nature of vibrational energy healing, or Energy Medicine as I now call it.


During this time I had also been teaching myself about essential oils, herbs and flower essences; the medicinal and energetic medicines of the Plant World.  While I have never done any formal training in this area, I continue to learn and explore my relationship with the Plant People, as well as the collecting and making of Plant Medicines of various kinds.


I have always had a love of animals, and even as a small child, was rescuer and healer to many animals that crossed my path.  As I grew, it seemed that injured animals routinely found their way into my care, and I have had many profound experiences in healing animals as well as helping them to pass over when they have been on the brink of Death.  Many of the animals that I have helped in body have gone on to assist me in the Spiritual realms when doing Shamanic Healing work for others.

Crow, Owl and Snake, Cat and Bat, Duck and Frog, Birds, Mice and Newts, Foxes and Moles too !!


And so for the next chapter in my healing adventure, I was guided onto the Shamanic Path.  It was inevitable really.  My love of Nature and her sanctuary, and a life-long yearning to understand the spiritual workings of The Universe brought me to the ancient and primal alter of Shamanism.  They say that those drawn to this path often have a brush with Death.  It is a part of the calling.  I had had my brush with Death, aged 20, and had spent the following years trying to piece back together the shattered wreck of a person that came out the other end of that experience.  Reiki and Crystal Healing had led me out of the Shadowlands of that traumatic experience, helping me to release much of the fear, anger and grief that I carried.  The Shamanic Path helped me to clarify my understanding of myself in relation to all the various energies, allies and beings that dwell in this Universe, both the benevolent  and the malevolent.  It helped me to deepen the relationship that I have been cultivating throughout my life, with Nature and Spirit.  I embarked upon 3 years of on-going teaching and Shamanic Apprenticeship with the Deer Tribe, at the Lodge of the Singing Stones (now known as the Centre for Shamanic Arts), following a path of deeply profound and transformative healing, through personal ceremony and family like ‘tribal’ support.  I then spent the following few years doing Shamanic Practitioner training workshops with The Sacred Trust, to gain skills for personal and one-to-one therapeutic Shamanic Healing work.


I have had several years off, birthing my babies and nurturing them whilst small, and have returned to the work that I love, inspired and re-invigorated, with the new mantle of Motherhood informing my life experience.


I now use a synergistic approach to healing, for myself and my clients, using the tools, skills or practices that fit the individual requirements, often drawing upon Reiki, Crystal Healing and Shamanic Healing in a combined approach.  I have found that they complement and support one another beautifully, providing a gentle and nurturing journey when needed, as well as a more dynamic and focused approach when pro-active work is required to dig deep.


So whether you need a softer, gentler journey, or you want to fast track, the options I can offer can be tailored to fit each and every individual need and circumstance.


And so I invite you, if the time is right and the prevailing winds are favourable, to walk with me on this Soul Journey of Deep Healing.



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